The Story So Far is easily one of my all time favourite bands. Josh & I did a cover of “Empty Space”, and we’d love it if you took the time to listen & share with your friends!! xx.

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Paul Gourlie (RIP.)

This morning I received a very unfortunate call about a great man who had passed away in his sleep. Though I had known Paul had been suffering, I hadn’t yet acknowledged the harsh reality that he might die. Though death is a part of the life cycle, it’s never an easy though process when it happens to someone you respect and admire. 

Paul gave young promoters a chance when other agents wouldn’t. He’d give it to you straight, and even though he’d be the first to call you out on your mistakes - he’d call you. I’m sure I speak for many others who were in my position, that we’d appreciate that. His insight may have occasionally bruised your ego, but it would always prove invaluable. Because of his unwavering honesty, I found myself learning.

There are no road maps in music, you’re lucky to find anyone with unbiased advice that you can look up to. Paul was a friend and a mentor, someone who believed in my skills enough to see me through my ups and downs. I have absolutely no doubt that Paul was a huge part of the reason I am able to book shows for a living today. 

This is a sad day for the music industry, we have lost a great friend, and even more so the world has lost a great man. Even though Paul is gone, he will surely never be forgotten. His legacy will live on with his family, every show one of his artists play, every song they write, every show I book, and every person in relentless pursuit of their dreams.

We’ll miss you Paul.

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The REAL #Coachella lineup. 

The REAL #Coachella lineup. 

#conan #finalshow #quote

#conan #finalshow #quote

Artists as Entrepreneurs & Wasted Talent

There seems to be a reoccurring theme I’ve seen over the couse of developing my skills in the music industry over the past years and I’ve spent some time trying to dissect the logic at hand. 

Certain creative types that I have worked with over the course of a few different projects have held incredible skill, but failed to deliver on their projects for the same reason; they failed to execute. I’m not entirely sure why, I’m sure there are different reasons for each and every scenario but some of my guesses would be…

- they’re afraid of the pressure / responsibility that comes with career elevation 

- they have conflicting issues about selling their art or feel undervalued

- they’re chronic procrastinators that have gotten by solely on the fact although there can be extremely delay the final output is always great.

This leads me to my next point, how do you deal with these people? Do you encourage them? let them work at their own pace? I always think back the one of my favourite quotes from the movie A Bronx Tale “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent”. It’s unfortunate to see such skilled people suffer in their potential careers because they can’t connect the dots in a business sense. 

My one suggestion to artists who are pursuit of turning their craft into a career, whether that be graphic design, video, photographer, etc. is to “under promise & over deliver”. Set a deadline and submit something earlier, raise your prices after you’ve proven your value with properly executed projects on your resume not just because you think a certain price is the “going rate”, and be realistic with your workload. If you can’t pick something up then don’t do it, or come back after you’ve wrapped a few projects if you’re not an efficient multitasker.

I guess it just frustrates me because I know what others could do with certain talents; financially, career wise, etc. But then again I’m always baring witness to the ongoing battle of art vs business, and perhaps that’s an inner struggle as well. I’ve heard many great artists say they purposely ignore the business side. Regardless, to the artists that got it right and hold their business down - props, I enjoy doing business with you. To those who don’t quite get it yet, I hope you get there someday. 

my (kind of) short vegan rant.

This is a big part of my life, and something that consumes a lot of my thoughts on a daily basis. Forgive the unfoundedness of my ramblings, my writing skills are rusty and I’m a blogging n00b.

I often find myself downplaying this part of my life when eating around certain people with different habits, in order to keep the peace or at the very least keep the conversation light. The problem is with this approach has been the fact that it is exactly, light conversation. REAL TALK. We need more of this, people that will tell you what you’re doing is wrong, people that will challenge what you believe, people that will stand up for something big or small.

Now I’ve never considered myself that great of a vegan, there are plenty of animal rights activists that are our there on the frontlines; whether that be leafletting, protesting, getting politically active, etc. Point being here, there is a lot more I could be doing. So to provide context, I don’t want this rant to come from a standpoint of feeling superior (even though veganism is the most superior diet). These are simply my thoughts, and my experiences. I don’t judge anyone for not being vegan, this was not always my lifestyle, and I still have a long way to go.

Why is it that so many non vegans get defensive when it comes to the subject of veganism? My guess is that it makes them question the ethics of what they do on a daily basis, the reality of their diet and lifestyle. So many people are disconnected from the fact that something had to be murdered for you to consume that steak or chicken breast. I’ve met so many people that claim to love animals, but allow themselves to consume animals murdered and manufactured for profit without thinking twice. I’m sure some have adverse feelings when they bite into the burger that took 30 seconds via the drive thru window, I know I used to. Before I made the commitment to myself to go vegan the guilt could be overwhelming, instant remorse. I use to enjoy eating meat, fish, dairy, you name it. But when I truly became empathetic for these animals my conscience would not allow me to enjoy these things anymore, regardless of how good they tasted. The way I see it, I had no choice but to go vegan - everything else was wrong.

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about necessity here, yes humans at one point hunted and ate meat to survive. We don’t need to do that anymore. I’m sure if you looked our history as the human race there were probably a ton of things we used to do or think that don’t hold true today. Why are people still grasping at straws? I find so many find one small piece of information that supports their point and hold onto it for dear life. As if veganism is as simple as how plant vs animal proteins break down in your body, like that’s the only thing that matters. Don’t be short sited, look at the whole picture, examine the source of your information, is there a bias? Remember that the meat and dairy get tons of government subsidies much of which is either put back into marketing and lobbying aka fueling propaganda. These are corporations with media influence, these are factory farms, these are CEO’s making millions of dollars exploiting beings that deserve just as much happiness as you and I.

Think about the humaneness, think about the environment, think about the sustainability, think about your health, are these things important to you? Then perhaps doing some adequate research rather than playing telephone with misinformation passed down from generations of other close minded people would be a good idea. And if you are vegan, vegetarian, or trying then props to you. It’s not that difficult, it’s about breaking the bad habits and conditioning your body is used to - the cravings will stop and you will notice a difference. How you feel, how you look, how you think, all of these things can be positively affected through going vegan. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. 

Make it happen.


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